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Meet the Team


Nilesh Lal
Executive Director

Nilesh Lal has research and work focus on democratic consolidation, electoral processes, ethnic relations, development in SIDS and media politics. He has published articles, books and reports on various aspects of elections in Fiji. Prior to joining the civil sector, he worked in academia where he contributed to research and development on adaptive learning systems. Lal possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and a Master of Governance from The University of the South Pacific, amongst his other academic qualifications.


Akansha Kumari
Programme Officer

Akansha Kumari is a highly accomplished professional who has made significant contributions in the field of law and social justice. She earned her LLB degree from the renowned University of the South Pacific (USP) in 2023, where she demonstrated exceptional academic performance and a deep passion for legal studies.

With a strong foundation in law, Akansha Kumari embarked on a career that would allow her to make a positive impact on society. Currently serving as a Programme Officer at Dialogue Fiji, she has been instrumental in promoting dialogue, understanding, and conflict resolution among various communities and stakeholders.  


Kajal Prasad
Finance & Admin Manager

Kajal Prasad is a financial accountant with over 4 years of proven experience in the private sector, including  reporting working through financial trends and analysis. She possess a strong background in audit, which allows the integration of independence and adds value to organizational operations. After graduating with a bachelors degree in accounting and information system from the University of the South Pacific, Kajal has further pursed her interest in accounting and now holds a post graduate diploma in professional accounting. 

She has joined Dialogue Fiji with insightful ideas and is working towards accomplishing financial goals of the civil sector. 

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