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Meet The Team


Nilesh Lal
Executive Director

Lal has research and work focus on democratic consolidation, electoral processes, ethnic relations, development in SIDS and media politics. He has published articles, books and reports on various aspects of elections in Fiji. Prior to joining the civil sector, he worked in academia where he contributed to research and development on adaptive learning systems. Lal possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and a Master of Governance from The University of the South Pacific, amongst his other academic qualifications.


Farisha Nigar
Finance & Admin Manager

Niigar is a highly experienced accounting and financial executive with more than 15 years of progressive career especially in finance management ranging in private and NGO sector. She has demonstrated ability in Administrative Planning & Analysis, Budgeting, Ad hoc Analysis, P&L Management, Audits, Project Finance Management with in-depth knowledge and skills in conceptualising and implementing financial policies and procedures including internal financial controls, and project financing and costing.


Dzoshua Yee
Programme Officer

Yee has graduated from the University of the South Pacific with a double degree in Law and Geography in the year 2020. He later completed the Professional Diploma in Legal Practicing and is duly admitted to the bar. Aside from this, he has attained a certificate in basic sign language from the Deaf Consultancy Pacific.

His previous engagements has been as a Legal intern at Shekinah Law for a period of 7 months and as student leader at the Halls of Residence in USP Laucala.


Niravsha Kumar
Communications Officer

Kumar has attained a Bachelors' degree in Journalism and Psychology from the University of the South Pacific. 

She has previously worked as a sub-editor at Wansolwara Newspaper.

Prior to joining Dialogue Fiji, she has worked at the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) as a Communications Intern. Kumar has also worked at USP as a part-time peer mentor.

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